Testimonials in Morganville, NJ

"I was out of work for three weeks because my lower back and leg were killing me. A friend of mine recommended me to Monmouth Acupuncture, and after a few treatments, the pain was mostly gone -- I was able to go back to work and carry out day-to-day activities again. I'm so grateful for Dr. Jenny!"
– J.B.
"I'm a practicing MD and I actually heard about Monmouth Acupuncture from one of my patients whose severe pain was improving because of Jenny's acupuncture treatments. One day I developed a shoulder/elbow pain so intense that it made it difficult for me to examine my patients. The drugs didn't work, so I went to Jenny. Two treatments later and I'm back to pain-free examinations!"
– Dr. JC
"Jenny was able to help my 10-year old, who has eczema. All the doctors and treatments we tried did not work. We came to Monmouth Acupuncture as a last-ditch effort, and we are so glad we did. Thanks Jenny!"
– S.S.